5 free plugins to create professional review articles


  • 1.Plugin create professional review
  • 2. Present the evaluation product in tabular format
  • 3.Plugin Author Product Review
  • 4.Easy Review Builder plugin
  • 5.5. WPReview by MyThemeShop
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The movement of blogging specializing in product reviews (review) has been really popular with Vietnamese bloggers today, it is suitable for a business that wants to fully convey its product information or the most popular. Online marketers often write reviews to make it easier to sell products. A complete, reliable and attractive review article will create more peace of mind for customers who are thinking about buying products, so they can increase sales significantly.

In WordPress, there are many free and paid plugins that support authors to decorate their reviews more professionally so that customers can easily read important information. Having the advantage of having a separate Rich Snippet format to help it stand out on search engines, review articles will bring a significant amount of traffic if the article is quality. Here I will introduce you to 5 free plugins to create professional reviews and support Google Rich Snippet.

1. Author hReview

When it comes to writing review articles, this plugin can currently be said to be the most used by Vietnamese bloggers. Not only with the advantage of supporting rich snippets, this plugin also supports a very nice review display frame, easily enter important information in the review into the input box to support the total editor area.

Enter the information of the review post of Author hReview

This plugin also helps you create widgets that display newly reviewed products and many other advanced features that you can find in its paid version.

2. Benday Review System

If you need a table showing products with their scores, this is the plugin you should be using. Unlike Author hReview above, every time you post a new post, the review information will not show up but it will be put into a separate area and you need to insert a shortcode into the post / page to see it. .

This plugin supports to organize reviews by category, you need to go to the settings of Benday Reviews to be able to create categories.

Create category for Benday Review System

When writing an article, if you want this article to be included in the review, you need to enter the required information such as the name of the product and its review score right below the editor.

Enter product information to review for Benday Reviews

And finally you insert the shortcode [br-review-table] into the article or page to display the review table.

3. Author Product Review

The name says it all, this is a plugin that also helps you add information related to a review such as the reviewer’s name, scores and stars. It supports rich snippet to display reviewer’s name and star photo on search engine.

4. Easy Review Builder

It’s also a good choice for articles that want to review a different product by creating a very nice table and displaying each line as a product-specific attribute. For example, my review hosting will include “Prices, support, speed, quality … etc …”.

Easy Review Builder It also supports very convenient color customization.

Easy Review Builder custom style

However, one thing is quite bananas that this plugin uses by entering shortcode but does not support insert shortcode button in the article, you must read their instructions if you want to use this plugin well.

5. WPReview by MyThemeShop

Review plugin for MyThemeShop review

MyThemeShop is no stranger because their themes are quite nice and true to the tastes of Vietnamese people. But recently, they just launched a very good review theme, full of features that is completely free.

Download the plugin

The above are 5 plugins I’ve used to find and it’s very good and convenient, so if you are looking for a suitable plugin to write review, do not search too many plugins because only one or two of them are needed. 4 plugins are your review post that is very professional in the form already.



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