show hidden files caused by viruses

Bkav FixAttrb – Recover hidden files on USB caused by virus by FixAttrb.exe tool

After the computer is infected with the virus, when accessing the USB, it cannot see the data (because the virus hides data on the USB). Usually, these viruses also lock the hidden file option in Folder Option, making it impossible for users to access important data on the USB. Bkav’s FixAttrb tool is used to recover hidden files very well.

show hidden files caused by viruses

Instead of having to type the command to show hidden files, this tool can overcome this situation very quickly by using Bkav’s FixAttrb.exe Tool. FixAttrb is mainly used to change the properties of hidden files and folders, it helps recover all those files and folders very well.

Instructions for using FixAttrb to :

First, download the FixAttrb.exe tool here or Download FixAttrb.exe here
After downloading, extract and run the FixAttrb.exe tool
The tool window appears, click “Select drive” to select the drive or folder to show hidden files.
After you have selected, click on “OK” to let the tool perform the process of changing properties.
After doing this, you will see the Alert Tool “Property set!”. Now, close the tool window, then go to the drive to check if the hidden files and folders can now access and see the hidden data before.
Good luck! Any questions please comment below for answers

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