Getting Some Tepid Threats online but they’re getting worse

I have a blog where I mostly post nude women and memes to share among friends. There’s other pictures too but it’s mostly boobs, butts and jokes. Nothing explicit, mostly naked and clothed models that I find on Reddit and other message boards… literally just copy and paste images already hosted online. It’s more curation than anything else. The blog started among friends but now it gets shared and now I have a couple thousand views a week. Nothing great but not bad for something started as a goof. People really love it and I’m getting views from all over the world.

Some of the memes I post are political. I try to keep it neutral but, to be honest, there’s far too much Trump buffoonery to ignore, so it’s a lot of trump jokes.

Every once in a while, I’ve gotten thinly veiled threats posted as comments on my posts. Pretty sure it’s the same guy. Lately though, the threats are on each post. The threats are usually in the vein of “if you don’t stop posting anti MAGA, the SJWs will find out about all the naked girls you’re posting and shut you down.” Kind of a weird way to go about it but I suspect the threatener is trying to conjure some plausible deniability.

Lately, the threats have morphed from getting “shut down” by SJWS to getting doxxed by SJWS and that they will ruin my life. To be clear, I don’t think SJWS give a shit about my blog, I think this guy will do it and claim it was SJWS, just like they “warned” me.

As the frequency of the treats have increased so has the apparent anger behind them. They’re now demanding that I take certain posts down. It’s WordPress so every comment requires an email address but they’re all throwaway emails. I have their IP address but it’s not always the same.

I don’t want my life or my family’s life turned upside down because I like to share cool pictures with my friends. I don’t want this to get out of control but at the same time, I’m not sure if this is serious enough to warrant getting cops involved. I’m not sure what to do here but the person making the threats seems to be getting more and more aggressive and weird. The threats are getting more personal and more specific. I want this to stop before some wacko showed up on my doorstep. At the same time, I don’t want their threats to stop me from doing what I do

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