Quickly update your computer with Driver Easy software

Driver easy software is one of the most convenient and convenient PC Driver installation tools available today.

Driver is considered as one of the extremely important drivers of computers. It helps parts such as speakers, mice, etc. work smoothly on Windows operating systems. Today’s article will guide you how to update your computer Driver with Driver Easy software.

Let’s see the article!

1. Benefits of using Driver Easy software to update Driver for computer?

Your computer often encounters problems such as lost network, slow network connection, broken mouse, insensitive keyboard … These problems may be due to outdated drivers in the computer. But you don’t know where to download new driver updates. Even even simply checking the Driver you don’t know. Do not worried! Just download Driver Easy software to your computer all your worries will be solved quickly.

Driver Easy will automatically help you scan the driver in your computer. Besides, the software also helps you automatically list the missing drivers, faulty drivers, new version drivers. You just need to click and click download easily. It is amazing, isn’t it?

2. Is Driver Easy software difficult to use?

Driver Easy is needed for any computer running the operating system thanks to the ability to update the latest driver version to make the system work in the best condition, Driver Easy brings a rich database of driver data, from websites. Official publisher, automatically download and install for computers. Besides, Driver Easy also creates a backup for drivers to restore when needed. Driver Easy is a software with a simple interface, anyone can easily manipulate on the software.

For non-professional users: If your computer encounters errors such as a mouse, a frozen keyboard, a loss of audio on the computer, or the printer does not work. So you check Driver with Driver Easy software.

For experienced computer users: Computer performance is slow, performance is reduced … Outdated drivers can be the cause of this situation. Although your computer will still work, the frequency of operation will decrease significantly.

For computer technicians: Driver Easy software will support the installation, update drivers quickly and effectively.

3. Instructions for using Driver Easy software to update Driver for computer

Step 1: Proceed to download and install the software for the computer.

Link: https://www.drivereasy.com/
This is a completely basic step so we will skip it. Because the operation of downloading and installing is not too complicated, anyone can do it.

Once done, you click on the tool’s icon on the screen to get started.


Step 2: At the main Driver Easy interface, click ScanNow to start scanning the entire computer.
Driver Easy process of checking the computer will be very fast, then a list of missing drivers, need to update will be displayed for each type, item with a very detailed name for us to identify.


Step 3: It is noticeable in this list that there are two driver markers for the computer:

Section yellow exclamation mark (triangle): The driver that the computer is missing, not available, or has been installed but the old version, need to update.

White v (circle): These drivers are stable, no need to replace or upgrade.

You can click Get Drivers to download all if missing and need to update multiple Drivers.

The list of drivers to download will be reduced to a name, along with the size of the side for users to see more, click Download All to start downloading.

If the number of drivers to handle is not much, you can click the Download corresponding to that driver to download individually.

The process of downloading drivers to your computer long or fast will depend on the number of drivers you need to download, their size as well as the quality of the Internet you are connected.

We can only perform Download All (download all drivers at once) if the version of Driver Easy in use is copyrighted. Check by, left-click on About (bottom, left corner interface of this tool). Details will be displayed so that you can recognize the copyrighted Easy Driver as shown below.

If it’s a trial version, we can only use one way to download a driver at a fairly slow speed.

The advice is, you should also perform backup operation of the driver in case the need to use will not take time to reload.

The article has shown you how to update computer drivers with Driver Easy software. By using Driver Easy, users can check and update for outdated drivers at home while ensuring efficiency. Wish you will succeed!

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