Share Porto theme [with the key] – Website for the beautiful sale

This article I will share Theme Porto WordPress – one of the beautiful wordpress themes making popular sales website. Currently the theme has a number of demo interfaces suitable for the company introduction website. With quite nice interface and you can fully use it for website projects.

Share the Porto WordPress Theme

There are quite a few brothers looking for the keyword “share theme Porto WordPress” and on the Internet, a lot of nulled versions. I used to be a reluctant victim of the nulled theme, when I first learned how to do the web, I also found and downloaded the Porto Nulled Theme with a “super huge” malware drive. Where savings do not see, the website collapsed up and down, lost as many visitors. Today I will share with you the Porto Theme 100% clean. There is an active theme guide file, if anyone doesn’t work, please take care of my inbox and invite me to a cup of coffee. =))

Porto – Amazingly beautiful WordPress theme

If you have entered this article, you probably know the advantages of this Porto Theme. But well, according to the book, I have to list for the article it is a bit long:

– Theme Porto is designed with many different fields and styles. You can choose your preferences and import demos in just one click. Porto is my favorite theme when sharing beautiful wordpress themes.
– Extremely customizable and easy with Visual Composer. It is completely adjustable to your liking, but it is quite difficult if you are new to it.
– Supports more than 650+ Google Web Fonts
– Theme designed very suitable for the style of Vietnamese people. From presentation to interface layout, helps users have the best experience.
– Responsive standard theme’s interface with current popular screen sizes.

=> After reading the feature, it’s like reading the ad. This fruit Porto has to pay for my PR but not a joke =))

Share Porto theme [with the key] – Website for the beautiful sale

Professional sales WordPress theme

When I first started creating a website, I liked the Theme Porto because it had the interface available, but it was also beautiful. Once I know how to make a website, I prefer to use Theme Marketo. But still advise anyone who needs a fast website, just import the demo interface of the Porto Theme and almost immediately have a sales website. Just edit a little content, post articles, products on it can run ads already.

Share the latest Porto WordPress theme

This Porto theme file I downloaded straight from Themeforest and uploaded to Google Drive. Do not insert anything, is a clean version, you can rest assured that the download. If you do not believe, do not download, and did not love, do not say bitter words offline. Chu has taken the effort to download, write articles to share beautiful wordpress themes for you. But being said bitterly, there is no motivation to share. Really!

Download link: Latest Porto theme

Porto theme license key

Go to the most important post. Has anyone shared but also gave the Porto Theme License Key as I don’t know. @@

In case the website is at localhost, you just need to attach this key to be:


This key you can use freely for many sites, but only active from local and then uploaded to hosting. Active a lot on the site, it fixes the code or the flight key is taking a rest for the good brothers =. =

This key can be active at localhost without modification, if you are active on an online site, follow these instructions:

Find the file: porto \ inc \ plugins \ importer \ importer-api.php

Find the public function is_localhost () {

Edit as below:

public function is_localhost() {         if ( current_user_can( ‘manage_options’ ) ) {             $current_sessions = wp_get_all_sessions();             $whitelist = array(                 ‘’,                 ‘localhost’,                 ‘::1’,                 ‘domain-của-bạ’,             );             if ( isset( $current_sessions[0] ) && isset( $current_sessions[0][‘ip’] ) && in_array( $current_sessions[0][‘ip’], $whitelist ) ) {                 return true;             }         }         return true;     }

Conclusion: The beautiful wordpress themes that I share are updated, but the number of themes is quite a lot. But sharing free doesn’t collect any silver coins, so I have to run Grab to earn rice for each meal. So if there is a new version that I have not updated, then you comment below to let me know and update it for you! You can see more scripts in this category

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