free download of ebook

Summary of book pages for free download of ebook

Comprehensive book

Pros: No need to register an account, no ads, direct download link very fast. Friendly web interface, simple. Books include many genres: language, Literature, Economics, Marketing, History …., And many formats: epub, mobi, PDF suitable for readers and phones

Similar to sachvui, sharing many books with many formats and genres. There are also audio books, comics … (very large forum book, even English books are available

This is the largest ebook sharing forum today, including many English and Vietnamese books shared for free. Books under the sky under the genre are also available, but you have to register (free) to download

free download of ebook

Comic genre
There are also pages: (Fan for half, first half, zô)
– (Old bookstore, unfortunately I can’t read it on Kindle but because it’s so good, I should give it)
Foreign books (mostly in English)

Some famous pages
1- 50k free ebook, no registration or login. This page must be number 1 in the world today.

2 – more than 7000 ebooks have audio for you to listen to, enough files on the phone

3- This site has many books in many categories: electronics, entertainment, fiction, education, romance, non-fiction, short stories … and many Moreover

4- Top ebook site for IT people. Most of the famous IT and programming books in the world are shared here.

download ebook for free

Comprehensive book: (too famous already) (Combining lots of titles)

Information Technology:
Some other pages (specializing in magazines rather than books) (large forum on ebooks) summed up classic, famous too r amazon’s free bookstore
* There are also torrent sites: (public tracker – should look here) (private tracker) (private tracker) (private tracker) (private tracker – the largest bookstore in the world)
Refer to the Akishop reading machine models at:

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